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“Manami-kun! Wait up!” you yelled out to your friend, pedalling as fast as you could to try and catch up with him.

“Ah, sorry (Name)-chan,” he apologised, slowing down his pace.

“You really love mountains that much, huh?” you said, more of a statement than an actual question.

“Well, how do I describe it? It makes me feel… alive, you know?”

Manami closed his eyes, savouring the moment. The fresh air that flew by his face, the heat of the sun hitting his skin. To him, being able to feel alive was the best thing in the world. And you understood that completely.

“…I think I understand what you mean.”

“You do?” he turned to face you, surprised by your statement, before asking out of curiosity, “So does that mean you have something that makes you feel alive? What is it?”


“(Name)-chan? Something wrong?” he questioned, staring intensely at you as you tilted your head down, using your bangs to hide your face from him.

“…-ou…” you mumbled quietly, and he noticed that you seemed to be trying to hide from something.

“Huh?” he asked again, moving nearer to you, causing you to blush as you noticed the close proximity between the two of you.

“I said… you make me feel alive!!” you screamed, face flushing in embarrassment as you pedalled faster, trying to get away.

When he had heard your confession, he immediately pulled the brakes on his bike, only able to stare blankly as you continued riding further away from him. However, he got over it soon enough, and with a big grin, a light blush and an overall lovestruck expression stuck on his face, he pedalled, wanting to catch up with you as soon as possible.

Well, it appears that there is more than just the mountains that makes Manami feel alive now.
Manami Sangaku x Reader - Alive
And here it is! My first ever Yowapeda x Reader! Well, a completed one that is... ^^"
The first person I have written about is the totally awesome Manami-kun! :iconkyaplz:
Been so obsessed with Yowapeda and Haikyuu recently... sports animes are taking over my life!! XD
Well, you should try watching these shows sometime. They won't disappoint :)

Plz comment and tell me how the story was, thank you! :iconbowplz:

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Yowapeda or you
“Ok everyone, break time!” called out Daichi, giving the volleyball club a ten minute break.

“Here Kei,” you called out, throwing him a towel.

“Thanks,” he said quietly, wiping off his sweat before reaching into your bag.

“Oi, Kei! What are you doing?” you panicked, trying to pull your bag away from his grasp.

“Looking for my snack,” he answered, grabbing a slice of strawberry shortcake from your bag, blocking off your hands as if it was just a puff of air as you sighed, your boyfriend’s strength being way too much for you to go against.

“You really shouldn’t be eating that everyday you know. Especially as an athlete,” you chided, only to be totally ignored.

“Well, you bring it everyday anyway. It would be a waste of cake to just leave it unfinished, so it’s technically your fault.”

“What?!” you screamed out, not believing the words coming out of his mouth. So it was your fault for wanting to treat your boyfriend to a nice reward after volleyball practice. Well fine then, two can play at that game.

“Ok then, since it’s my fault for bringing it for you, I’ll just eat it myself then,” you commented nonchalantly, snatching the plate from him and finishing it all in one bite.

“Hmph! Can’t enjoy your snack now can you, Tsu-ki-shi-ma?”

He flinched at that, you only ever calling him by his last name when you were upset. However, he was the prideful type, he wouldn’t just stop there. Instead, he smirked at you, and you gulped, knowing that whatever idea the blonde had in store for you would not end well.

“Oh, I can still enjoy my snack (Name).”

“What? But…” you started, but before you knew what was happening, Tsukishima grabbed you by the chin and forced you to look into his eyes, before a warm pair of lips covered your own.

Your eyes closed automatically at the familiar sensation, arms wrapping around his neck as you responded to the kiss, hands playing with his hair. His tongue slid along your bottom lip, gaining entrance as you gasped in surprise. He took this chance to explore the rest of your mouth, as you held on tight to his shirt, knees unable to support your own weight anymore.

Parting to breathe, he licked his lips, tasting the strawberry shortcake you had stuffed down your throat earlier.

“Sweet…” he mumbled to himself, before focusing his gaze on your face, which was flushed bright red due to the make-out session you two just had.

“Now, maybe I should continue with my snack,” he smirked, leaning in to kiss you again, totally forgetting about the rest of the team standing behind them (where everyone could do nothing but stare at you two, speechless).

On another note, two things were accomplished that day. One, you had gained a new liking for strawberry shortcake and two, you had managed to stop Tsukishima’s obsession over it (as he now has a new favourite snack to devour every break).
Tsukishima Kei x Reader - Snack Time!
Yo everyone! So, I've finally done it... I've written a reader insert of something other than Hetalia!
If anyone is wondering about the anime, it's Haikyuu. I recommend you all to watch it, it's really interesting! :D
And so here's my first Haikyuu x Reader, about Tsukki~~! 

Plz comment and tell me your opinion on my story, thank you! :iconbowplz:

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Haikyuu or you :)


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I don't like revealing my real name so yeah...
I am obssessed with anime so I won't really be talking to you 'bout much else ^^"
I am a SEMI-SANE fan of Hetalia XD
My favoutie animes are, Hunter x Hunter, Hetalia, Detective Conan, Kuroshitsuji and Cardfight!! Vanguard.
And I'm not really an artist, so most of the stuff you'll see here will probably be fanfics XD
I find that I sound weird at times when I talk to people so I may apologize for that randomly even if you don't think what I said was awkward...

So...yup nice to meet you ^^

P.S. If possible, would someone try speaking to me here in Mandarin Chinese or Japanese? I need the practice...

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APH - Gilbird by BoundWithFoxBlood APH maleHungary Stamp by Fannochka

Hetero Hetalia Pairings stamp by 6t76t APH: Elizabeta x Gilbert Stamp by Chibikaede Stamp - Lithuania x Belarus APH by Valery-Butterfly APH: Natalia x Alfred Stamp by Chibikaede :thumb312505823: Feliciano x 'Adelheid' by Tea-Strawberry USViet Stamp by ochidpokemontrainer

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Kageyama Stamp by Janoneee Haikyuu!! Stamp 2: [Megane] by Riazey Yowamushi Pedal Logo Stamp by ZinniaSnowdrop

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Oh by the way, you can also find me on youtube and


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