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October 30, 2012
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Chapter 1: King of the Skate Park


"That cocky bastard…" you grumbled to yourself, trying not to scream in class.

"Just you wait…I'm gonna get you for that!"

"Why, Miss (Last name), do you have something you would like to share with the entire class?" asked your teacher, accusation obvious in his tone.

"Well, no but…"

"Alright then, detention after school." said your teacher bluntly.

"But teach, I-"

"No excuses." he cut in, immediately silencing you.

Quietly huffing, you sat down, only to hear a silent "Kesesesese~" from behind you. Immediately recognising the laugh, you turned around and glared at the albino, only getting a smug smirk in return.

Deciding to ignore him, you turned back around to face the teacher, not wanting to get into more trouble. 'Damn albino, I hope you get run over by a bus.' you thought menacingly.

Now, why were you so furious? Well, besides the fact that it was the first day of school after holiday break, but it was also because of something that happened just two days ago.


You had just done several tricks in a row and decided to take a short break for a while. Getting off of your skateboard, you used your feet and flipped it into your hand and walked over to your best friend Alfred, where he held out a bottle to you, with you immediately chugging the water down your throat.

"Nice moves dude!" complimented Alfred.

"Thanks man." you replied, hi-fiving him.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" the two of you heard, turning your attention to the skating ramp. You then saw a bunch of guys all trying to skate properly, but kept falling.

"Wow. Oh well, guess I better go help them out." You said placing your skateboard on the ground and rode off on it and towards the group over there.

"Hey fellas! What's going on here?" you questioned, stopping your skateboard.

"Well, we've been trying to figure out how to balance on a skateboard but it's not working." said one of them.

"Well, figure out your stance then get on the board and try pushing yourself on it. I'm sure if you practice with that, you'll be able to do it in no time!" you replied, smiling.

"I see…I think I get it! Thank you!" they replied, picking up their skateboards and went back to practicing.

"Hey (Name)! Come over here!" called out Alfred, waving you over  to him.

"What is it Al?" you asked once you were within his hearing range.

"New people." he stated bluntly, gesturing towards the entrance to the skatepark, where three people stood. The guy on the left had tan skin, green eyes and brown hair. The one on the right had blue eyes and blonde flowing hair that you would have mistaken him for a girl if not for the obvious stubble on his chin. And in the middle there was a guy with silvery-grey hair and the reddest eyes you have ever seen.

"Wanna go talk to them?" asked Al, you replying with a quick nod.

Walking over, you yelled, "Hey! Haven't seen you guys around before. New here?"

"Sí, we just moved here yesterday and we heard about this skatepark so we decided to come check it out." said the man on the left with an obvious Spanish accent.

"Oui, and we have also heard that there is some 'King of the Skate Park' here and our German friend here thinks he can beat him." said the blonde one.

"Oh yeah, and what makes you think you can beat the King?" Alfred asked, cutting into the conversation.

"Ok ok, first of all, I am PRUSSIAN, not german," he said, pointing towards his friend before turning back towards the two of you and stating, "Second of all, and I don't mean to brag or anything, but I was the best skater in my old neighbourhood and I think I can be the best here too. After all, I am awesome! And you know what they say, to be the best ya' have to beat the best."

By this time, almost everyone at the park is listening to the conversation.

Silence hanged in the air for a while, before he continued on, "And so, would you mind telling the King that I challenge him for his title?"

"Oh, the King accepts your challenge," you said, competitively.

"Oh? And how would you know?"

"Well, your looking at 'im."

"Who? This guy?" he asked, gesturing towards Alfred.

"No, me! I'm the King!" you yelled out exasperatedly.

"Y-you?" he shouted, bewildered before bursting into laughter.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean!" you shouted out.

"W-well…hahaha…I mean… you're a… g-girl…HAHAHA!!!" he laughed, not even bothering to hide it.

"You sexist pig. I'll humiliate you." you growled out through gritted teeth.

"I'd like to see you try frau. Well, then ladies first." he said, mockingly bowing.

"Why thank you, albino bastard."
Well, what did you think?

Haha this was one of my sudden inspiration ideas again. I swear, I get ideas at the weirdest time. I'd be doing my own thing and suddenly "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if -blahblahblah-" and then POOF! random idea XD

But I think this idea is fun and I already have a rough idea for like the next one or two chapters so I don't think it will take very long for chapter 2 :)

Anyways....please comment and tell me how it is so far! :iconbegplz:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) You
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me: *does a bunch of epic moves* TRY AN BEAT THAT, ALBINO B*TCH!!!

Prussia: *fails at doing awesome moves*

France: Ohnohonhonho~ I like her~!

me: *grabs an empty beer bottel and smashes it so its spiked at one end* Get any closer and your dead.

France: O-Okay... *backs away slowly*

Spain: You remind me of Russia/Ivan

me: Meh... Imma bad ass tom boy!

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next chapter!................... *gets Russia's pipe* don't make me....... *drinks bottle of vodka in one chug* O_O I will find you in your sleep and make you write the next one ......... *walks away* Russia: that was me in girl form..... Prussia: yup but the awesome me don't care I will defeat her! me: *evil glare* Prussia: I was just kidding! *runs away and hides behind Germany* me: *smiles but not enough to make them less scared* I would never hurt you guys ^_^ them: sure.......... me: what's that supposed to mean? Russia: calm down, da? me: *hit with pipe* Russia: *passes out* me: who's next?.......

                                                                              ~THE END~

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